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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Special Dispatch: Cheers Bar, Protaras

Cheers Bar
Nr Ayia Napa
Cyprus holiday paraphernalia

by Tina Beans

Ahhhhh the promise of a holiday. To escape it all, explore new lands, new cultures. Well, unless you go to Protaras of course. Like a mini Vegas with English people, Protaras has everything to offer the Brit abroad. You can eat a full roast dinner to the comforting sounds of 5 different versions of Angels by wannabe Robbies in any number of themed bars. Never been to Stonehenge? Now’s your chance! Always wanted to wonder through ‘Robin Hood Forest’? Well now you can! Don’t waste your time with real historical attractions such as Aphrodite’s Rock. As our lovely holiday rep told us ‘between you and me it’s just a rock int’ sand’.

After a night out on the cocktails and Karaoke we were in dire need of a true home comfort: a good full English. We strolled past the singing Elvis and the Sphinx and came to the Cheers Pub. For 3 Cypriot Pounds, you get all the essential ingredients, starting with a round of toast and jam as a kind of ‘starter’. The eggs were nicely done and came sitting on yet more toast, next to a helping of beans and an interesting take on grilled tomato – in slices, lightly griddled like a salad garnish. Our friendly but stressed waiter forgot the sausages which arrived a few minutes later in their own dish. Overall, it wasn’t bad with sausage and bacon of reasonably good quality, both well cooked although a little luke warm. Not the greatest breakfast, but maybe that’s what you get if you ask for a full English, in a faux American themed pub, in Cyprus.


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