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Friday, September 02, 2005

Eat, Soho Square

16a Soho Square

by Malcolm Eggs

If you find yourself on Oxford St after four hours sleep and you can't face the journey to work without some kind of sustenance where exactly do you turn? Pret a Manger was considered but rejected, due to the lack of their (usually rather decent) breakfast baguettes. Didn't fancy Caffé Nero for some reason (unscientific you say? So what? That's what the hungover mind is like). How's about Eat in Soho Square? The all-day breakfast ciabatta looked pretty good at £2.50. Nice deep scarlet bacon, slices of sausage and scrambled egg in a pretty handsome looking piece of continental breadstuff with a choice of sauce: I couldn’t have left without it.

They placed it in the heavy duty sandwich toaster for a good amount of time (none of this "hurry! They're waiting! Forget about cooking the thing, let's give it to them now!" philosophy) and the result was decent, honest even. It wasn't gourmet. It wasn't a home-cooked bacon and egg English muffin. It wasn't something for Saturday mornings. But it was a good on-the-way-to-work piece of breakfast inspired food and, unlike many things in this city, it didn't pretend to be anything else.


Blogger London Review of Breakfasts said...

Sadly my good experience at this branch of Eat does not seem to indicate any sort of pan-Eat uniformity. See Molly Coddle-Degg's review of Eat in Paddington for a very different experience of (theoretically) the very same ciabatta.

12:07 PM, May 03, 2006  

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