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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yummy's Cafe, Spitalfields

Yummy's Cafe
60 Cheshire St

by Blake Pudding

Whilst playing Texas-hold ‘em with a gang of Oriental ne’erdowells, I was reminded of my Uncle Peter’s famous dictat on stimulants: “If you want to stay up for three nights playing poker never, ever take cocaine, I’ve seen dear friends wreck their lives on cocaine. Whisky, boy, that’s all I used to take. . .. . .and Benzedrine.” But I was never one to take hard-earned advice so, very poor and hungry, I was deposited onto Cheshire Street on market day. A man was doing a roaring trade selling second-hand scissors. I stumbled into Yummy’s and much to my surprise was greeted like an old friend. The chap behind the counter kept up a steady stream of chat involving Jamie Oliver, catering for gay ballet troupes (are there any other kinds?), Toyota Corrollas and falafels. I’d wager he was of Greek Cypriot extraction. All the time he lovingly prepared my bacon and egg sandwich. When it arrived, it was nigh-on perfect. The bread was of the crusty doorstop variety, the bacon succulent and the egg, though still runny, did not spill itself all over my crumpled suit. The yolk had commingled in a heavenly fashion with the sweet, sweet brown sauce and the salty bacon. I closed my eyes and almost wept with happiness. I washed it down with a mug of strong, sweet tea. It was then that I realised why breakfast can be so special, especially in this overpriced city; it can offer perfection and happiness at a very reasonable price. This is not something you get from cocaine or, for that matter, Benzedrine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhhh.. genius at work - the review and the breakfast.
I lived above that cafe for a while, many years ago. It's run by a father and son team who also used to be rent collectors for the building above. Jolly nice. And true magicians of the morning.

10:22 AM, May 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We were two Americans wandering around the Sunday morning crowds at the Brick Lane market when we happened across Cheshire Street. We were hungry and stopped here for lunch. It was superb! The two men running the cafe were eager and enthusiastic to help us and even sat with us for a nice chat. It was just like breakfast at a friend's house. I will most definiately return!

6:23 PM, July 23, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Early breakfast from here tasted good. But the owner was less than polite, and was quite rude to my partner Henry. Good food, shame about the man.

3:22 PM, September 08, 2006  
Blogger darron said...

this cafe is great very nice friendly peaple free tea excelent sandwiches and great breakfast even jamie oliver has his grub there proper cafe food wicked every time

10:26 PM, April 15, 2008  
Blogger darron said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:27 PM, April 15, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was pretty good, yes. The level and scope of chat was honed finely down to giving and taking an order. The skill levels displayed in the actualization were certainly adequate enough to produce a very palatable bacon sandwich. I wonder, sometimes, if we don't forget humans have physiological limits to their ability to discern and compare; our taste buds being no exception. If these thoughts interest you for even a moment, you are lost.

3:51 PM, March 07, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm... Just don't go here if you're a breastfeeding mother.

9:26 PM, July 01, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldn't touch this place with a bargepole. Hideously rude people serving, and we were both ill after eating here. As this was the only place where we ate together all weekend, we are confident this was the source of our foodpoisoning.

9:36 PM, July 20, 2011  
Anonymous Carol Fejdman said...

Funny how different it is for some people. I went with my partner Mike in fact have been going there for years and years. The food was the best I have ever tasted in a cafe and as for the two guys who couldnt do enough to serve and help very very good. So nice to find a good old fashioned place like this where I felt at home and comfortable. So what can I say you cant win em all

9:44 AM, July 27, 2012  
Anonymous Julie said...

My sister lives close to yummys and every time I visit London I make sure we go for a sausage sandwich! Staff are very friendly and the food is great!

11:56 AM, March 17, 2013  
Blogger Christakis krassismenous said...

On a visit to Brick lane with my partner and kids we passed a cafe named Yummys cafe and thought we try it out. Well we were very pleased by the friendly atmosphere from the two brothers who own the cafe and how delicious the meals we had there.
If I would recommend a place to eat and enjoy I would rate this place 10/10......

Chris krassismenous

1:08 PM, May 06, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yep great breakfast in this place and I got exactly what I wanted clean fresh food cooked in front of me with a dripping egg and sizzling bacon my friend who is a veggie got exactly what she wanted from the fluffel not only English breakie but great mixtures of other things too what more could I want from a cafe - coming back of course all the time - Ema

5:03 PM, May 28, 2013  
Blogger Unknown said...

A chance street turn, a picture of that Jamie bloke and a lefty Epiphone found us in the company of two guys with a gift to make strangers feel at home. What more could two wandering Aussies want...not to mention a doorstop piece of carrot cake and a mug of coffee like you would make for friends. Today is a good day!

11:21 AM, October 09, 2013  

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