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"Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper." (Francis Bacon)

Friday, June 09, 2006

Manolis Cafe, Lower Holloway

Manolis Cafe
1 Hercules St
Lower Holloway
020 7263 6703

by Blake Pudding

This breakfast took place about two months ago after my flatmate Michael and I had been taking part in the tall bikes challenge. This involves three terribly brave, strong and rather stupid men cycling around Britain on bicycles made by welding two bike frames together so that they stand over 5ft off the ground. The silly men then don pink helmets and cycle round the coast of Britain no doubt dodging missiles thrown by scallywags. We went to see them off at Hyde Park and followed in a procession down to London Bridge. Obviously Michael and I were on more conventional machines. It was like being a in a ridiculous chain-driven carnival; there were penny-farthings, recumbents and rickshaws. All good clean fun, even if a small cloud of self-righteousness did hang over the whole day - but that’s cycling for you.

Anyway I was soon bloody starving so Michael suggested a trip to Manolis on Hercules Road. We met a couple of Jewish friends and all tucked cheerfully into pork-based products. I went with bacon, egg, tomatoes and chips. The chips being of the chunkier variety which I don’t normally favour in a caff but here they were superb, the bacon was not remarkable but it was properly cooked as were the tomatoes and the egg was fresh. What more can I say about such simple food? Manolis is a haven just off London’s horrible Holloway Road; I would recommend it to Jews and Gentiles alike.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will agree with you that Holloway Road isn't the most picturesque of places but it does have it's own character and a few good places to eat and drink. The 'Bailey' does great Thai food and the 'Landseer' and the 'Swimmer at the Grafton Arms', although both just of the main drag are worth a visit. Also, the 'Paradise', the 'Hope Workers' are cafes worthy of mention.

3:05 PM, September 08, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are quite right, horrible is the wrong word - grotty would be a better one. The Holloway Road has a lot to offer not least a couple of excellent kebab shops offering Green Lanes-style quality lamb products.

After a few pints in the Swimmer nothing tastes better.

3:33 PM, September 08, 2008  

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