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Friday, March 23, 2007

The Eclipse, Lower Clapton

The Eclipse
57 Elderfield Rd
Lower Clapton
020 8986 1591

by Hashley Brown

Olympics are looming and the East-End gentrifies quicker by the day. Old Street has become a permanent School Disco, and even the Dolphin now charges in. That nice place to go for breakfast is rapidly disappearing down Stratford way and well let's face it, that's just not very nice either now is it.

Succour though is on hand in the gentle bosom of the Eclipse. Nestled just off Murder Mile (which is growing significantly less murderous too it seems) this Clapton pub underwent not the Lock Tavern/ Legion style uber-gastro-rave refurb, but the normal type where they make the place seem a bit lighter and maybe buy some new plants. A gorgeously wood clad pub then, with rickety furniture, that's full of locals - and they'll sell you a breakfast on the weekend for less than a fiver. Well cooked greasy spoon is the order of the day, and without the taint of deep fat fryer lingering over everything, so a bonus for mushroom eaters. Add piles of buttery toast, tea that comes in pots, lots of papers and the occasional spot of scrabble, and breakfast soon turns into a thoroughly pleasant afternoon. A genuinely local pub replete with big-eared old men, this has yet to become the over-crowded style fest that the George is teetering on the brink of. Enjoy it while it lasts…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this pub! and totally agree that it has the same old qualities as the george but has yet to be invaded by tons of trendies! Come join us playing rude word scrabble there or our book club!

2:50 PM, July 26, 2007  

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