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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Café Fleur, Wandsworth

Café Fleur
198 St. Ann's Hill
SW18 2RT
020 8874 6897

by Blake Pudding

Delightfully common, I murmured to myself with an unbecoming leer as I clocked the waitresses.

Emily and James had told us to meet them at Café Fleur. You would not know that this is its name as it just says café café café café café around the top of the caff. It was a boiling hot day (how incongruous those words seem now) and I was dressed in a look best described as 80’s gay chic- white linen trousers rolled up to show off my shapely calves, stripy vest, panama hat. Alice was wearing a dress which emphasised her cleavage. We had had about 2 hours sleep.

The café seemed to have been staffed by roguishly pretty urchins straight out of those ASBO scum girl nightmare articles that crop up in the papers now and again. They were dressed in leisure wear, hair pulled tightly back, hoop earrings, incredibly pale skin and gappy teeth. They were of course utterly charming. The caff has been done up to make it look a bit “latte” but the girls gave away its proletarian origins. Happily it did a good honest working class breakfast. Frightening sausages obviously but you will have learnt by now to avoid such things. I went for the egg, bacon, bubble, tomato, black pudding, strong tea and toast. All were unpretentiously delicious.

To finish the fortification process we strolled over to the Alma for some Young’s Special though a little sleep would have been the healthier option.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sudhakar from Mumbai said
A very good review,evokes the atmosphere of the place.
What are "bubble" and "black pudding"?
How much this breakfast cost per person?

5:34 AM, June 18, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sudhakar, thank you for your kind comments.
Bubble is short for bubble and squeak which is traditionally made by frying left-over potatoes and cabbage together.
Black pudding is a kind of sausage made from congealed pigs' blood and oatmeal. It tastes a lot nicer than it sounds. The French have a similiar things called Boudin Noir and the Spanish, Morcilla.
I think the breakfast came to about £5 each including tea and toast.

best wishes


10:50 AM, June 18, 2008  
Blogger LondonRob said...

Hi Blake - have you tried The Pantry in Old York Road in Wandsworth? Great breakfasts!

5:08 PM, January 20, 2010  

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