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"Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper." (Francis Bacon)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cowshed Clarendon Cross, Holland Park

Cowshed Clarendon Cross
119 Portland Road
Holland Park
W11 4LN
020 7078 1944

by Alotta Waffle

I haven’t ever tried sinking into a bath of melted chocolate after a long, back-breakingly hard day in the office but I imagine that it’s rather like walking over the threshold of Cowshed: soothing, delicious and such a relief.

Half kitsch kitchen, half spa, food is prepared for ladies who breakfast as they wait to have their mani/pedi in one of the giant treatment thrones and watch Sex and the City on mini televisions.

Hiding a hangover beneath my maxi sunglasses last Sunday, I scuttled in and took my place at the communal table between other single gals and pairs of Notting Hill yummy mummies in cashmere sweaters. Two mugs of detoxing green tea later and I felt well enough to turn my attention from the Sunday Times Style to the menu.

Limp, soggy or meagre cereals are a particular bugbear of mine at the best of times and are certainly no antidote to a stomach swirling with one too many passion fruit martinis. Thankfully, the mountain of toasted granola with pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, Greek yogurt, honey and banana soon had me so buzzing with antioxidants that I was able to move onto one of their freshly-baked, iced vanilla cupcakes.

Leaving the yummies around me to exclaim over the scrambled eggs on sourdough toast (“low GI, darling”) or homemade strawberry jam (“well it is Sunday”) I returned to the realities of the outside world restored to full health.

Cowshed is posh(ish) heaven for girly meet-ups or a blissful breakfast by yourself. The usual clientele may have bulging (Mulberry) wallets, but at £5 a head for breakfast, even those on a tighter budget can have their cake, eat it and get their nails done.


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