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"Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper." (Francis Bacon)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Garden Cafe & Restaurant, South Hampstead

Garden Cafe & Restaurant
3 Goldhurst Terrace
South Hampstead
NW6 3HX (Map)
020 7328 2295

by Goldie Quorn and Veggie Kray

Her: So there’s not actually a garden here. Just a patio and 80’s mint green walls.
Him: Oh don’t be so down on the place. It’s perfectly pleasant.
Her: If a little soulless.

Him: We’ve got choice of a ‘Vegetarian Breakfast’ or…. a panini. But the breakfast does come with chips…
Her: Well that’s something.
Him: ….and eggs and tomatoes and beans and mushrooms and toast AND hash browns.
Her: Potato-tastic. But where’s the centre piece? How hard is it to add a veggie sausage to that? Bloody palming us off with the meat-eaters fillers again.
Him: I think it sounds nice.
Her: Should do at £6.95.

Him: Look, they’ve even sprinkled herbs on the tomatoes!
Her: The toast is margarine-juicy. And my eggs are runny. (Pause) Chips are nice though.
Him: Can you even taste them under all that ketchup?
Her: Just about, although it’s not Heinz. Too much vinegar.
Him: You seem to be coping.

Her: God, I’m totally beaten.
Him: See? What more could you want from a breakfast?
Her: A veggie sausage or two?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

whoever "her" is needs to get a life. Best breakfast in the finchley road, swiss cottage area. A real lack of any pretentiousness. Does exactly what is required of a cafe.

11:01 AM, February 20, 2008  

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