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Friday, November 05, 2010

Guy Fawkes Inn, York

Guy Fawkes Inn
25 High Petergate
York YO1 7HP
01904 623 716

by OJ Simpson

Why must we remember the 5th of November
For gunpowder treason and plot?
It’s much more pleasing to order two teas and
Sit down to eat something hot.

Guy Fawkes in York
Was where we went,
To see where Guy was born, and then,
To break our fast and ease the woe,
With slices of hot toasted dough.

By God's providence this she match'd,
With egg and haddock freshly catch’d.

Holloa Boys, Holloa boys, I chose fried things,
Holloa Boys, Holloa Boys, fit for a King!

Hip Hip Hoorah!
Hip Hip Hoorah!

Tomatoes, mushroom, two eggs poached,
Black pudding, beans and bacon,
A pot of tea to rinse it down,
Until you’re filled to bursting.

Much tastier this way by far,
To celebrate a blazing star.

Don’t burn his body, toast your bread.
Then we'll say: ol' hunger’s dead.


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