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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Riverside Cafe, Clapton

Riverside Cafe
Riverside Cottage
Spring Hill
near Springfield Marina and Lea Rowing Club
E5 9BL
020 8806 4448

by Marge E. Reen

‘Lisa and Stacy welcome you,’ said the sign outside, but we didn’t feel very welcome when we went in and the two girls on the counter ignored us for five minutes before one sulkily asked what we’d like.

‘A breakfast,’ said Mr Reen.

‘Breakfasts finish at 12 o’clock. It says it on the sign.’

This must have been on the other side of the sign.

‘I’ll have a ham and cheese omelette,’ I said, which is as near to breakfast as you can get. 

‘I’ll just have a white Americano,’ said Mr Reen. ‘I’m not giving them any more of my money if I can’t have a breakfast,’ he muttered as we made our way outside to find a seat.

Despite the blazing morning and the abundance of potential outdoor seating space overlooking the river, there were only about four benches so we had to share one with a father and his young daughter, who had been waiting for their food for a while and feared they had been forgotten. (It turned out they had.) They were remarkably sanguine while Mr Reen and I grumbled about how the Riverside Cafe wasn’t like it used to be, although, even then, under its previous management, it was pretty chaotic. At least they served breakfasts all day though. 

On the plus side it’s heartening that this lovely spot on the banks of the River Lea hasn’t yet been snapped up by a load of hipsters wanting to charge you nine point five for a tiny portion of organic scrambled eggs on sourdough. The Riverside Cafe is a greasy spoon and prices are agreeably low.

My omelette arrived before our neighbours’ food and it was, I have to admit, very good. Generously proportioned with plenty of chips on the side, coleslaw and a fresh, if rather small, salad. Only five point five too. Mr Reen’s Americano was, in his words, ‘foul’. He suspected it was made from Lidl’s coffee. He watched me eat and then made me go up to Spark Cafe in Springfield Park (reviewed favourably elsewhere on this site), where I watched him eat a proper breakfast. He gave me a small bite of his sausage.


Blogger Random blabbering said...

I grew up in tottenham and some of my fondest childhood memories were having a cup of juice after a cycle down the lea. We would cross the footbridge and cycle around the marshes and get to the top of springfield park and cycle down the path and scare all the pensioners on the benches.

oh to be a rebellious teen again...

9:26 AM, August 07, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a sweet memory. I love cycling on the Lea. Thanks for reading my review.

10:03 AM, August 08, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was this previously known as "George's cafe", made semi-famous by local theatre director Ken Campbell?

3:30 PM, January 29, 2019  
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