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"Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper." (Francis Bacon)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ponti's, Stansted Airport

Landside Concourse
Stansted Airport
01279 664098

by Hashley Brown

Skulking on the outskirts of our great metropolis, Stansted Airport stands as a throbbing beacon to mediocrity. Spiritual home to the cut-price airlines who have single handedly robbed international travel of the last vestiges of mystery and panache, it embodies at all times of day the desperate unhappy masses - queuing, delayed, hungry.

So it was that on a bright Sunday Morning I found myself betwixt Hibernia and Scandinavia ensconced in Stansted's cavernous interior. Hopes are never high when in transit as airport catering has become synonymous with over-priced rubbish, but a glimmer of hope flickered when i saw the familiar Ponti's logo. Not haute cuisine but readers will no doubt be familiar with the 24-hour sausage sandwich potential this chain of Italianate Cafés offers to the East End nocturnal reveller.

Yet how cruel the Gods. From the self service line-up to the final half-finished meal this was deeply upsetting. Aside from the sizeable herby cumberland that divided my plate like a porcine meridian, I had queued up for, splashed out on and emotionally invested in sub-standard canteen food. The scrambled eggs resembled the humble oeuf in name only, the mushrooms were so watery that there was a synchronicity in their swimming, and the bacon? Well it was just cold, because I had to queue for so long to pay for it.

I fear, dear reader, that the airports are taking us for fools. Perhaps it's time for flyers to demand fair fayre.


Anonymous Stansted Chauffeur said...

Good service and cheap too when compared with other eateries in the airport! Great coffee too! Well done...

4:58 PM, July 24, 2010  

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