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Monday, July 21, 2008

Shipping Dispatch: 6.30am P&O ferry, Dover to Calais

6.30am P&O ferry
Dover to Calais

by Captain Cook

Breeze light south westerly, Viking decreasing good. Sea moderate to choppy. Sausage bacon moderate, hint of dogger? Eggs no good. Toast oily to moderate. Tea variable. Sea choppy now rough. Sausage bacon sick. Mainly fair with bean patches. No fog.


Blogger HB said...

German Bite?

10:19 PM, July 21, 2008  
Anonymous faehre nach dover said...

So glad I found your blog..I'm planing to go for holiday trip..

7:08 AM, January 16, 2010  
Anonymous Ferry said...

When I go on P&O ferries to France, sometimes its 2 hours 15mins , most of the time its 1 hour and a half..

11:10 AM, January 18, 2010  

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