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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Volcanic Dispash: Cafe 1916, Palma, Mallorca

Cafe 1916
Plaza de España, 4
07002 Palma
++34 971 71 88 19

by Caff Kidston

Mallorcans are generally a happy bunch. Stranded Brits however are morose and sulky. It is suspected that this Hispanic cheerfulness can be attributed to the weather or the plentiful supplies of sun-burnt foreigners, but no, there is a more surprising reason: the Mallorcan breakfast.

This is no bacon or porridge fest. It consists of four basic items, one of them quite surprising. First, coffee; a macho 'solo' for the gents, so strong you can (and indeed for entertainment value probably should) stand a spoon in it. Added fun comes in its being served in a glass and thus impossible to pick up due to the volcanic (topical bit there) temperature. The weaker ladies get a 'con leche' as befits their more delicate nature.

Then, sumo de naranja - orange juice. For some reason this sweet sun-warmed nectar comes with optional sugar to add, presumably for those planning to fly home without a plane, powered solely by the glucose rush.

The carbs are provided by the ensaimada, a snail shaped (though not flavoured) pastry covered in icing sugar which ensures that you will carry the evidence of your breakfast with you on your shirt for the rest of the day.

But the crowning glory of this bracer for the day, the thing which made King Jaime I a true conqueror (nope, me neither), the factor which makes the Spanish mad enough to get into confined spaces with angry bovines is... the shot of Torres brandy which comes as a compulsory ' side dish'. No wonder every day is a sunny one. Viva Espana indeed.


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