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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Garufa Argentine Grill, Highbury

Garufa Argentine Grill
104 Highbury Park
N5 2XE
020 7226 0070

by Sigmund Fried

The idea of steak for breakfast is ostensibly ridiculous; bloody and parlous it’s synonymous with late nights, shouty conversations and red wine. In the context of a Saturday morning meal, which is all softly delineated regrets and coffee, it seems kind of wrong. But what the hell, I’d made a date with Hashley Brown and compared to his increasingly esoteric culinary forays into the world of the Leopold Bloom-esque breakfast (“Inner organs of beasts and fowls…”), steak was child’s play: a black livered, pastis-slurping French child perhaps, but child’s play nonetheless.

We’d decided on the Garufa Grill by virtue of it being about 30 seconds from Hashley’s house and because we’d had a pretty satisfying late dinner at this charming Argentinian restaurant two weeks previously with Mrs Brown and her visiting sister. So with Ed Benedict and a couple of others in tow we made it to Garufa bleary-eyed and ordered the “Full Argentine Breakfast” (£9.80). Except for Ed, that is, who as a veggie opted, much to his chagrin — and our amusement – for organic muesli with 'milk or yogurt' (£2.50). Still, despite the tears and cursing he seemed to like it, as we all did the numerous, delicious café lattes we mainlined.

Back to the main event, we were more than satisfied. The scrambled eggs were creamy, the Portobello mushroom juicy and garlicky, and the 150g Argentine rump steak an artery-clogging treat, but it was the “Argentine-style” sausage’s pleasing spiciness that garnered the biggest plaudits. And the grilled tomato and toast were as good a supporting cast as could be hoped for. Happily sated and surrounded by good friends, I made up my mind about the steak issue there and then. Would I have it again? Yes I said yes I will Yes.


Blogger Helena Lee said...

SO glad you tried the breakfast - it was the one thing I wanted to order on the menu last week when I went. Plumped for the massive grill instead with 4 different steaks on it, cheese, blood sausage and normal Argentine sausage. I found this VERY spicy and herby indeed. The next time I'm in N5.. I'll give it a go...

11:43 AM, May 05, 2010  
Anonymous Mzungy said...

Keep meaning to eat in Garufa, but kinda never made it passed the doors.
Steak for breakfast is something I never managed in Argentina, as was still too stuffed from the night before...

11:00 AM, May 07, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This really wasn't what we expected. Poor service and very average food...
Don't go!!!They tried to cheat us with the bill

9:44 PM, March 25, 2012  

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