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Monday, September 22, 2008

myhotel, Bloomsbury

11-13 Bayley St
Bedford Square
020 3004 6000

by Blake Pudding

Some readers may have noted the sudden outbreak of breakfast specials across the some newspapers and magazines earlier this year. The Guardian ran extracts from the LRB, though rather spoilt it by turning their noses up at our secret identities. The Independent and Observer Food Monthly also did supplements but Time Out outdid them all with an innovative and iconic piece about breakfasting circumstances written by me. Unlike Malcolm Eggs they actually paid in real money so I decided to take out the beautiful and in many ways godlike Rachel Halliburton who commissioned the piece in the hope that she would make me a regular columnist.

We went to myhotel just off Tottenham Court Road. I walked in and my mind started thinking of how I could get myself worked up into a lather about the lower case lettering and the mission statements but the food was so good and of such good value that I don’t have space. Rachel had the bread basket which contained croissant, baguettes, pain au chocolat, rye bread - in fact enough grain-based fun to feed 2 or 3 for £4. One of the eggs in my eggs Benedict was cooked perfectly whilst the other was a little on the hard side but the hollandaise, ham and muffins were perky enough. A special mention should go to the orange juice which tasted as if there was a portal to Seville located in the juicing machine. myhotel itself has no discernable character and already looks dated despite having only been open for 4 years. We sat outside, soaked up the rare morning sunshine and enjoyed our breakfast. The column, alas, is still yet to materialise.


Anonymous catty said...

I'm SO happy to have stumbled upon your blog. Besides Le Pain Quotidien and Lantana (Charlotte Place, if you haven't been GO but they are closed on Sundays), I haven't found any great places for breakfast in the West End (cos you see, we can't venture far before breakfast, I'm a bitch up until I eat)... great site :)

4:13 PM, June 10, 2009  

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